Monday, September 26, 2005

Starting A Catering BusinessI

I am 21 years old, married and have a 5 year old boy. I love to cook and i love when my friends and family come over for a party because i cook and everyone loves my cooking, I cater to partys once in a while and i love doing it, I would love to starting my own catering business, i just dont have the money or resources to start one... I am catering partys from my home, i cook everything at home i do it and just save the money, if anyone needs a caterers i am a very good cook i specialize in latin-american food

Desire is one of the most important things that you will need. If you're really serious about wanting to have a catering business then you will find a way. A lot of people have successfully started a catering business with little money. What you don't have in money you make up for with time and effort.You should also use the catering jobs that you have already done as part of your advertising, marketing and promotion. There is that popular phrase "where there's a will there's a way" Start a business plan and plan for your business. If you want to focus on getting customers right away you can do that too but having a business plan will make things a lot more easier for you.Start with your local area. The holidays are coming up and lots of people are going to be celebrating. But its not just the holidays. You could specialize in the holidays that your cooking expertise is in. A lot of people will throw parties and events and such and don't want to be bothered with the cooking and these are the customers that you should be seeking

If you're really serious about this then you should get started now. As I said before since your main focus is on getting customers and since your catering services may be limited to the areas that you can physically get to you should start locally. From even there you can grow and branch out your business to include things like receipes and products, etc., You should try working some of the resources that you may have now. Oh and by the way speaking of those resources you didn't mention anything about business cards. They are a very good source of advertising and besides how many times have you wished that you had a card to give out but didn't?

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