Sunday, September 11, 2005

Originally my blog was supposed to be about working at home but......

more and more the topics tend to be about grants and grant programs.

Since this is part of what I do I thought that I would share with you about some of what is involved. 

It's almost comparable to being in a library studying and finding books that contain the subject matter that I'm looking for.  Of course I try to collect and maintain as much data as I can but there is so much out there!  The only difference is that I spend most of my working time in front of the computer whether it be online collecting data or offline maintaining the data.  And this just doesn't apply to grant-related work but also to the other work that I do which can be anything from designing a business card or flyer for a client to maintaining records.

I'm sure its the same for others that work at home although some may not be as involved in computer work but they may be crafters or hobbyists that have turned their hobby into a business or career.

Sure there are many advantages to being able to work from home but its something that isn't impossible to achieve.  Just take what you love and turn it into a business!

Does that mean that I love grants and grant programs?  No, it means that I took something that interested me and turned it into a business.  And you can do the exact same thing!

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