Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Finding grant information....

Here is a listing of search terms that people have used that have led them to at least one of my pages:

personal grants listings
daycare grants in ohio
grants / starting own business ex offender
government grants for funeral homes

personal grants listings - Unfortunately there is no one place that can possibly list all the "personal" grants that are out there.  There is no one person that knows of all of them either because new ones are always being created and old ones are being renewed or cancelled.  There is a category of grants that are called financial emergency grants that will provide cash assistance if you can demonstrate need.  There are also grant programs in place to help with utility bills, phone bills and repairs.  My own area has a program in place where homeowners can get up to $20,000 in home repairs!

Daycare Grants In Ohio - one important thing that is not mentioned here is whether the daycare is (or is going to be) a non-profit or a for-profit or it can even be both!  Some church daycares are a very good example of this.  There are some grant programs for both non&for-profit daycares that are not just limited to one's own state.  There is some emergency funding available for daycares that are taking in the children of the Katrina disaster - even in Ohio!  Another important fact that should be considered when applying for grants is to apply for as many as you can qualify for!

grants / starting own business ex offender - A lot of the grant programs that I have seen make no mention of whether or not someone has a past criminal record.  Hopefully I would think that when such a person is applying for any grant that they would make mention if they did have such a past.  One of the ways to "soften" this would be if such a person was working in conjunction with an organization be it a non-profit or a for-profit.  Additionally it may also depend on the type of business that the ex-offender wants to start.  There are some government grant programs that are open to the public to join and that does mean everybody.  Non-governmental entities and their grant programs will depend on their each and individual requirements and guidelines.  So it isn't impossible for an ex-offender to get a grant!

government grants for funeral homes - It is also not impossible for a funeral home to get a government grant either.  One women who owns a marketing firm was tired of reading and hearing about government grants so she decided to investigate on her own and found a government grant that provided funding to help train her employees.  This same kind of grant can also be used by a funeral home or any other kind of business.  If the funeral home is located in a rural area that opens up another resource of funding resources.  There are also grants for research and study and education - all of which a funeral home can partake in.

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