Monday, August 01, 2005

Daycare and Grants - Please learn the basics!

A question that I am seeing a lot is "Where can I get a grant for my daycare business?"  The answer to that is it depends.  There is no one place that you can apply to.  When you're talking about daycare the questions start to mount.  Is this a new daycare or has it already been in operation and if so for how long has it been operating?  Is your daycare a non-profit or a for-profit (or a combination of both?).  Is it being operated out of your home or is it at a separate facility?  How much grant money will you need and for what will you need it for?  Do you have the information written out as to exactly what you are going to need the funding for?  I have seen daycare facilities that have gotten as much as $100,000 for their daycare!

As far as funding programs for daycare is concerned there are resources and programs out there.  Specific funding programs are even available from the government not to mention all the other funding resources from foundations and organizations.

This information is not in some secret book!  As far as the government grant programs go the information has to be made publicly accessible and there is no secret to getting it - it HAS to be there.  No matter how much you can't find or say you can't find the information the fact of the matter is that grantwriters and those that do this kind of work know that there is no secret to finding this information.  What it takes to find this information is work.

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