Friday, August 19, 2005

Grant Recipients - Teachers

"I want to apply for my first grant this year, however, I'm concerned about whether mine will be soemthing they would want to give a grant for.  So I'm curious what you all have received grants for.  This will be for my entire grade level...not just my classroom."

Four teachers were recently (April 2005) awarded grants.
One was a Sandra Ingram of Eastern Senior High in Washington, DC who teaches junior and senior French.  She started a program where her students corresponded (in French) with pen pals from another country.  Another teacher used her grant award to start an after school tutoring program to help students improve their math.  Another teacher who teaches Native American students was among the grant recipients and used the grant to help her students improve their reading and writing skills.

  Another 200 teachers have also been announced as recipients and now the foundation that awards these grants are accepting applications for next year.  So far this grant program has awarded 400 grant awards totaling $1 million dollars and it is a nationwide grant program.

One thing that you have to understand about grants - especially about those that receive them is that they are more inclined not to discuss it because they stand a better chance of receiving the grant when there is less competition.  In my own area the city's ballet company has received over $1 million dollars in grant monies but they declined to be interviewed about it.

As for you specific post - while you may not want to discusss exactly what you are seeking the grant for - I hope that the above information shows you that if you are attempting to help your students improve their skills then there is probably a grant program that you can apply for.

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