Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Grants and Beauty Parlors

Grant programs and grant awards can not be lumped into one category because they are not all the same. You said that you assumed that most individually owned beauty parlors would not qualify for a grant. Does that mean that there are at least some that might qualify for a government grant?I had a chance to see the "minutes" from a social services meeting in Orange County. Included in the minutes was the fact that the county used a beauty parlor's services for their elderly residents.The original poster specifically mentioned customer service. In Ohio, outreach workers partnered with beauty parlors to better help the community be aware of the community services that were available to them as residents of the community. Now what this "partnership" specifically involved wasn't mentioned.In Louisiana an orientation luncheon was given to introduce an awareness program to beauty salon owners who expressed interest in participating. In fact, some are actively trying to recruit other salon owners they know to participate as well. The beauty parlor owners will be provided with packets they can distribute to their customers. These packets will contain risk assessment forms, as well as education materials on prevention and early detection. Some salons are even being equipped with televisions and VCRs so that clients can view informational videos while they wait.I have not even scratched the surface of where the original poster's beauty parlor is located or researched more programs like the ones that I posted above. But you just make it sound like there are absolutely no possiblity at all and that they shouldn't even look into any of the possibilities.

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