Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Daycare Grant Recipient

I'm going to post another example of a daycare that received grant money.

In Madison a daycare center received $8,515 federal grant and an additional $5,000 grant from the state and an additional $1,967 in local funds to cover the purchase of $15,000 in equipment. Amongst other things the grant money was used to purchase a fire alarm system, refrigerator and other needed items.

The county in which this daycare center is located needed a licensed care center so badly because the others that provided daycare were unlicensed which meant that the lower incomed people could not take advantage of the benefits that a licensed facility gets - namely grants and being able to provide child care to lower incomed people.

There's also a section that talks about how a scholarship program was given to those who train to work in the center but since the main topic here is child care.  Here is another childcare grant recipient.

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