Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Grants for Daycare - Don't let anyone tell you that there are none available!

A church in Chicago that provides daycare received  a total of $99,000.00 in grant monies!  Part of that came from foundations and a private bequest.  In past years this same church has received grant money for equipment, remodeling and to help with start-up costs!

The daycare service was started because of the need to help students finish their high school education.  Both the church and the schools saw a need for this.  The church has since added more services and programs to their schedule thus providing them with more grant funding resources.

In one area, the need was so great for child care that the municipality accepted subcontractors who were relatives, residents and those who provided daycare in their home.  So what this means to someone looking for funding for their daycare facility - whether it be in their home or not should really look into their own local community. As noted above there was a very big need to provide childcare services and in order to help fill this need the community subcontracted with those that provide (or are willing to provide) daycare services.

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