Monday, August 22, 2005

Getting A Grant for Daycare - An email

Can you help me get a grant at starting up a daycare center which will be for 24 hours a day, because the area i am in there isnt about 1 or 2 centers that are open on 2nd shift there all for 1st and people around here need 2nd and 3rd shift daycare centers

I have often mentioned about a daycare center that received a big grant amount of over $50,000 because they offered 24 hour daycare services.  If you qualify for this program - meaning you fit their eligibility requirements then this is one grant program that you can apply for.

However you have to realize that qualifying for any grant program will depend on the grant program itself.  There are no "one size fits all" grant programs - even for daycare.  There are many different grant programs and their eligibility requirements are not all the same.  You will have to go over each grant program that you are eligible for (or can become eligible for) one at a time.  You are also not limited to applying for just one grant program either.  You can apply for as many as you are eligible for.

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