Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Memories - My Very First Ebay Auction Experience

Of course this was some time ago but something made me think of it and hopefully it will help others who are thinking about selling on Ebay.

Of course I was nervous and I did a LOT of research and reading and just plain lurking around before I did anything.  Ebay has message boards where you can ask and answer questions and lots of tutorials are available in some of the posts - even for newbies - like I was at the time.

My very first auction was some coins that my brother had sent me from Germany and I wanted to test the Ebay site out.  (I have since come to find out that Ebay also has "test" auctions as well).  Now remember I said that I was a newbie and I was still quite nervous about actually auctioning anything but I finally did.  Since I was testing I decided to auction one coin (remember I said I was a newbie at this - LOL!) and of course I fumbled through typing a description and deciding how it would look and getting a picture of the coin to add to my auction page.  I used my webcam to take a picture of the coin.   Well I had a seven day auction and for like the first 3 days I didn't get any bids.  However soon after that I got a nibble and then by the time the auction ended I had had about seven bids and the winning bid was for more than the coin was worth (which someone had emailed me and told me that it was selling in a shop for like 10 for a dollar).  Remember this was a test auction kind of thing for me and I really didn't expect to get a whole lot for the coin.  But I did get more than its value and I have been hooked ever since!

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