Thursday, August 25, 2005

Can a Pharmacist Work at Home?

Of course the answer is "Yes".  The real question comes to be "What kind of work can a pharmacist do at home?"  Of course a lot will depend on how much experience the pharmacist has.

A pharmacist could work at home as a consultant - having a website with their general contact information.  What could they give consultations on?  Well they can help headhunt for employers that are looking for pharmacists.  That means that the pharmacist could keep a database of other pharmacists looking for work and help employers who need pharmacists.  The pharmacist could provide this service for free or he could charge for the service.

Another option is writing an online column.  With a simple knowledge of html or by hiring a webpage designer a pharmacist can write on things that they know about and even popular topics in the news such as all the news about people ordering prescriptions online and the pharmacist's opinions about this and other related news.  Advertising could be added and charged for.  Depending on how popular the pages/business is other related work could follow like speaking engagements, offers to write articles and much more.  And all of this can be done using your home as a work base.

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