Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Ebay - Did Anyone Else See The Show on CNBC?

I did see it and I know that they repeat the shows that they air so it will probably come on again - reruns.

Personally I liked the show and I was glad to see examples of people who were able to be earning an income from it - especially the story about the woman who was disabled who when she mentioned that she was disabled other disabled people started emailing her and she started this whole thing about helping other disabled people to sell things on Ebay.

I also liked the fact that Ebay was started as this little buy/trade site for beanie babies or such and it just grew to global proportions.

However on a minus side I do know that there are those that don't make as much or make as much as they would like to and there are the inevitable things like buyer/seller deceit but overall I was glad to see some examples of those who were actually able to earn an income - and a livable income at that.

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