Saturday, August 20, 2005

Grants - Church Remodeling

Rose, My husband and I have been trying to seek grant money to remodel our church  in New Jersey. We also want to expand so that we can start community programs for the youth and elderly in the community. We need to get the church repaired and it has been a long project with funding. We have a small membership mainly of older members. If you can point us in the direction of finding grant money, please respond to this e-mail.

A lot will depend on more specifics.  If your church is historic in nature there are restoration grants. A church was given a grant to remodel their kitchen to better conform to the health codes.  There are grant programs relating to the Episcopal church.  There are church-related grants that depend on the area that the church is located.  So there is no one place to go to apply for church-related grant funding.  It will depend on the specifics of your church.

Grant program funding abounds for community related projects and the elderly related projects provide yet more funding.  But since you want to concentrate on the remodeling first the above mentioned information has to show you that it will depend on the specifics of your church.

If you don't think that there are any church-related remodeling grants here are a few excerpts:

It's not often a church receives a single donation of $22,000. It's even more rare to find the money coming from the government.   
First Christian Church, however, recently received such a gift from the city of Corvallis.

The funds were combined with another $238,000 in private grants and church members' donations and pledges, and now the church is remodeling its kitchen where Stone Soup meals are served each weekend to the homeless and low-income families.

Lutheran Church in Hillman, Minn. received a three-year grant to help pay the salary of Pastor Rhodes."  I should point out that this church had a 70% elderly congregation and it was determined that it would cost too much to renovate the church so a NEW one was built!

So as you can see it will depend on the specifics of your church.  Once you know that then you can start finding the appropriate grant programs.

In New Jersey church related grants included a synagogue in Westfield, New Jersey

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