Friday, July 06, 2007

Your Daycare Business

I do a lot of research work finding grant programs that clients are eligible to apply for and it just occurred to me that they can be so much more involved in running your own daycare business.

Did you know that lots of daycare businesses have a website? Why would they need a website? The better question is why doesn't YOUR daycare have a website? If anything it is good PR for your daycare business. Even if you just have the most basic information on your website that's a good start. You can sign up for a free webpage at one of the free webhosting sites. Add simple things like an email address and you have the means for visitors to your site to send you email. Include your website address on your business cards and on all of your daycare business-related literature - including your invoices. I saw one daycare business that has a website and that website includes webcam pictures of the children at play. Think of how comforting it would be for parents if they could go online and see how their children are doing!

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