Tuesday, July 10, 2007

If You Are A Writer Would You Like A Publishing Contract?

Are you a writer? Have you written any stories - short stories, romantic stories, horror stories? How would you like to get a publishing contract? Does that sound good to you? Do you think its impossible for you to get a publishing contract? First of all you have to have faith and belief in yourself as a writer. You should also have some writing that you have already done to your credit - whether its published or not!

Did you know that there are writing contests? Did you know that some of these writing contests offer the winner a publishing contract? That could be you!

Did you know that the woman that wrote the hugely successful Harry Potter books got a writing grant? Did you know that she was a single mother who was living on welfare at one point? Originally she wrote the stories for her children.

There are definitely a lot of writing-related contests that you should be looking into but I do realize that there are a lot of contests out there that are a scam. Number one avoid entering contests where you have to pay to enter the contest. There are plenty of contests around that don't charge you a fee for entering. Number 2 the more famous the name sponsoring the contest the more better it should make you feel.

So go ahead and start looking for those legitimate writing contests - you could get a publishing contract out of it!

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Rose said...

It sounds like you know a lot about it. Thank you for your words and your advice and tips.

I think that its good for those aspiring writers to know that there are many resources out there for them both online and off