Wednesday, July 11, 2007

How Much Profit Will I Make Running A Daycare?

That is totally going to depend on YOU!

The very first thing that you should have is a business plan. It doesn't have to be a complicated business plan. You can download simple templates off the internet or you can go to the library or bookstore to find examples of business plans.

With your business plan you can determine how much money you would have to make in order to turn a profit. You take your assests and subtract your expenses and that would give you your profit.

Most of your income will come from how much you charge per child. People who want to start their own daycare often ask the question of how much they should charge for daycare. This is a simple answer to find out if you are willing to do some checking/researching online.

You can also have income from other sources relating to your daycare. How about putting up a website and accepting advertising? What about putting up a blog and accepting advertising - especially from Adsense!

There are just so may other ways to generate revenue. Like the wise ones have said - you are only limited by your imagination!

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