Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Becoming A WebCam Model - It Seems To Be A Popular Topic!

It seems more and more people are interested in becoming a webcam model. I was checking some of my stats today and this seems to be a very popular topic!

There is one website that offers - I'm assuming women - the chance to take a video of themselves dancing to music. Then they upload the video to the website and they make a commission on it. Sounds simple enough doesn't it? But you could take this one step further and instead of having a "middleman" you can just upload your "sexy dancing" video to a website of your own! You could even take "special requests" via email, tape your video and then send it via email. I know that this sounds similar to YouTube but I don't think you can earn the money if you use YouTube (unless you use it as a "teaser" kind of thing. There is still the question of how you would take payment as Paypal doesn't allow for payment for things of a sexual nature. But there are some processing sites online that specifically cater to "adult" transactions. The website also goes on to say that this kind of thing would be a good supplemental income for those that dance professionally - yes I mean strippers, strip tease artists and the like.

Personally I have always been an advocate of one starting their own business as opposed to working for someone else but there are those that like having the security of working for someone else that handles the details. But the more control you have the more money you will make!

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