Wednesday, July 18, 2007

A Myspace "Expert"?

I was at Myspace and an idea hit me! There are a lot of famous celebrities that have myspace pages however I'm quite sure that they don't maintain the pages themselves - they have other people do it for them. That is where YOU could come in. You can advertise and promote yourself as a Myspace expert. What makes one a Myspace expert? Someone that has a myspace page which they maintain and have maintained for a while - you can then consider yourself a myspace expert.

But its not just celebrities that may need your expertise. What about those professional organizations, including businesses that are just too busy to work and maintain their myspace page? Myspace has become hugely popular as a great site to network in and that is why there are so many different varieties of people, businesses and organizations that have (or would like to have) a myspace page.

A good way to let the world know that you are a Myspace expert/consultant is to tell them. Create a website, design some flyers and pass them around and don't forget to make business cards and pass them around.


Anonymous said...

What would you charge to do this?

Sister2brother said...

It would depend on what you would want done. I recently got 2 new clients who want me to design a special myspace page layout to their profile page. As long as the layout is not too complicated I'm going to charge them $100 via my paypal account.

More complicated requests will require more in payment.