Friday, July 13, 2007

Single Mothers That Want To Stay At Home

There's nothing wrong with wanting to be able to stay at home and work from home - especially if you are a single mother that wants to be able to stay home with her kids.

While I have seen a lot of "work-at-home opportunities" being advertised I know of only 2 that I really trust. These two companies let you work from home using your computer and your phone. A lot of their workers are disabled people who welcome the chance to be able to work from home and be able to earn income from a work at home job. Both companies let you work from home answering calls. They are the only two companies that I would recommend if you wanted to work from home. They don't offer benefits but at least you would be able to choose your own hours. Also too, these companies don't work in every state so you have to check and see if they are available in your area.

I am more for one starting their own business as opposed to working for someone else but a lot of single mothers just fear that they don't know or don't have a skill that they can use to work from home.

Then there is the question of money and getting paid. A lot of people feel more secure if they work for a company - that way their income is guarenteed. The problem is finding a company that will let you work from home.

There are many single mothers who have started their own work at home businesses. What kind of businesses have they started? How about starting your own daycare business? As a single mom you surely know how hard it is to get daycare and how even harder it is to get affordable daycare.

Some people don't like this suggestion because it involves a lot of work. I have seen some single women (and mothers) start their own webcam business. This is not a business for everyone but it is a business that you can start with little money. If you already have the computer, webcam and Internet access then you are already well on your way. Webcam models make a lot of money! And they make a lot more money when they work for theirselves as opposed to working for someone else.

A lot of people have managed to start a successful business buying and selling on Ebay.

If you are thinking about wanting to start your own business and want to run your idea past me then you can post a comment to see what I have to say.

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