Sunday, July 15, 2007

Finding A Job At Age 53?

Someone was doing a search for this and I'm guessing that at age 53 they are out of work and looking for a job.

It's really a shame to see all the companies that are laying off workers - workers who have been at that job for over 10 years - and now they are being layed off.

Well there are two ways to go when looking for a job - regardless of what your age is:

Number one is finding a job where you work for someone else. There is just no way around applying to every place that you can. Put in a job application at every place that you can. Be ready for those job interviews when they come up. Have your resume ready. And if time passes and you still haven't gotten a job guess what you have to do? APPLY AGAIN! That's right - start the whole process all over again! Remember until you find a job, finding a job IS your job!

Number 2 is working for yourself. If you have recently been layed off hopefully you have some money saved while you're able to start your own business. I know that there are a number of grant programs that are out there to help you finance starting your own business.

What kind of business could you start? What kind of business would you like to start? Can you do yard work, babysitting, daycare or start a cleaning business? These have been suggested as good businesses to start because there is always a need for such services.

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