Friday, June 01, 2007


Let's face it - there is a lot of sex on the internet! The online sex industry makes millions of dollars per year! So it shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that a lot of people want to get in on it. One of the ways that they think that they can do this is with having their own webcam website. You can see my previous posts about using a webcam for your business by clicking here and you can also read about some of the information relating to starting a webcam business on my consultation page.

Even I could do it if I had the nerve but really I don't.

What would you need to start such a business? Well the first question I would ask is how are you going to make money with it? Usually the most popular way is to charge for access to your website with your webcam pictures. This means that you should first have a website that is accessible to all but then in order for them to view your special pages they would have to sign up and pay for membership. Lots of sex sites operate this way. And just as other business-related websites do you can have different options of payment. You can accept checks, credit cards and the like. I have even seen such sites accept cash.

Of course you're going to need a webcam and a website (unless you're doing "personal" pictures or requests only. I have talked many times about the number of free hosted websites that are on the Internet but in this case you'll have to check and see if they will allow such content in their terms of agreement. There are a few free web-hosted sites that will let you have an adult-oriented website for free.

I have also talked a lot about affiliate ads and there are some that are specifically targeted to mature adult material - however Google's Adsense is not one of them - but there are others.

Once you have your site up you'll have to start letting people know that your site is up and ready for business - which means that you have to generate a "buzz" for your site. Doing this requires doing the same methods for generation traffic to any site. There are free ways of generating traffic to your site as well as using methods or products or services that you have to pay for to generate traffic to your site.

Although sex sites are not for everybody you do have to admit that they generate a lot of revenue! - and some people want to be able to get some of that money!

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