Sunday, June 10, 2007

You Never Know Where Your Customers or Clients Will Be Coming From

I have a client that pays me to find the cheapest airline ticket prices for her. Mind you she is a customer who uses my services only a few times but for the point of this blog she is a customer. She doesn't have a computer of her own.

How did she become my customer? (actually I think of her as a client) She worked at the same store that I did and of course word got around that I was a "computer nut"!

You never know where your clients or customers will be coming from! As I have said many times before my very first client was a neighbor of mine who also heard that I was "into computers". He became my very first web page design client! As a matter of fact I have my very first client before I had even thought to do this as a business.

So you never know where your clients and/or customers will be coming from.

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