Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Getting Ready To Dump Google's Adsense" - Don't Do It!

I actually saw somebody post that they were actually thinking of getting rid of their Adsense Ads! I couldn't believe that! They weren't making much money using it so I'm guessing that that is why they are feeling so frustrated.

There is NO WAY IN THE WORLD! that I would consider dumping the Adsense ads on my blog here! Keeping adsense seems to be quite a chore for some people but as long as you follow Adsense's Terms Of Service then you should be fine!

Now getting back to the person that was thinking of getting rid of their adsense ads - I have this to say to you. Almost any blog has the potential to make money using Adsense. Ask people to give you their opinions about your blog. You might also want to consider getting some professional help with your blog. There are professionals out there who can help optimize your blog or website for Adsense, they can provide you with content-rich information for your website or blog to help increase your Adsense earnings.

Getting Rid of Adsense has got to be one of the most ridiculous ideas I have ever heard of!

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