Monday, June 11, 2007

Becoming A WebCam Model

Lots of women are interested in becoming a webcam model. What's a web cam model? A person that uses a webcam to model - either themselves or clothes or whatever.

What do you need to become a webcam model? Well you will need a webcam of course and you will need a website. Now you can have a website where you can charge subsribers BUT you should also have a website that has general information and some pictures so that others can get to know more about your site.

How would you accept payment? How about a check, credit card or merchant account?

Now I have a webcam page that I am currently working on that has different pictures that I have taken with my webcam. Maybe it will help you to get a good idea of how your webcam page can look.

Once you have done the above then you have to concentrate on getting visitors to your site. And the best way to do that is to let everybody know about your new website!

Comments Received

comment received 6/12/12

Women can earn money easily by becoming webcam model. It is very easy to be webcam model. Click here to know more about this:

this comment was received 3/24/09!

We are looking for Models that are 18 years old, self motivated, flirtatious and comfortable with their own bodies. No experience is necessary.

We offer models the opportunity to:

• Easily earn over $400 a day

Be your own boss

• Work out of the comfort of your own home

• Create your own schedule

• Remain 100% anonymous

If you are interested and have questions or would like to sign up feel free to go to our website!

I am a webcam model. I started on "xxxx". It is not my favorite site because the traffic is not the highest. I do have some regulars on there I still go onto it for because I can make anywhere from $130 - $200 a night on the regulars alone, but I work "xxx" if the regulars aren't on. So it is worth it if you can get some high paying regular customers. "XXX" has higher traffic, with many more higher paying customers and you seem to make double the money for a private. There are also many more support features like tutorials, forums and guides. There are also more ways to win money from party chats, tips, VOD and bonus incentives. I can pull in over $1800 in a 2 week period between the 2. I do not consider myself to be any better looking then anyone else, so if you are really hot, you can pull into over $5000 in 2 weeks. It is possible and the sites do list the top earning models. So while I don't make that much, I can see other models who have. I also only work about 4/5 nights a week for a few hours. Models who work more obviously make more. On which ever site you work on, or both, it does take time to make money. You don't start earning right away. You have to build a relationship with the customers and start by getting them to know and like you. Be flirty and fun. Be patient. Once they get to know you and spend the money, they will be back. The key is to get them to be regulars. Remember, there are tons of other models, so you have to take the time to let people find you. There may be days in the beginning where you make little, but once you get going and stick with it, it's a goldmine.

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i like it!!!

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I'm glad that you liked it! It seems to be one of my more popular blog posts!