Friday, July 22, 2005

Grants for opening a daycare

By far this seems to be about the most asked about topics as far as finding grants is concerned.  One of the things that you have to realize is that providing daycare is a very sought-after service.  Starting a daycare business (inside or outside your home) has been one of the businesses that is often recommended as a good business to start because it is a service that is always in high demand.

While gathering information for a client that wants to start a for-profit day care service I have found information which includes the following:  There is a grant program available now for those that want to start their own chld care service.  The minimum requirement is that you must have at least 2 years experience of caring for children.  Startup grant awards are $500 and can be used for starting your daycare/child care service.

In Massachusetts, a facility that provided adult day care for adults with
Alzheimer's received a $93,000 grant from a foundation that boasts of providing over $37 Million Dollars in grants annually!  Their "Independent" Grant program funds one out 7 proposals that are submitted.  This particular program does not have a deadline and proposals can be submitted at any time of the year.  Their areas of interest include 7 different areas relating to the welfare of those that need it the most - which is the very objective of both childcare and adult care.  This foundation also has an interest in helping those that need care by providing them with information that they can use to help them better.  What this means is that not only do they have a program that provides grants for care services but they also have an interest in helping those who need care get the information they need.  This means that not only can you apply for providing care services but you can also apply if you can provide informational services to help those that need to know more. 

And one of the most important features of this grant program is that if you are a for-profit then you can still apply!

-the average grant award is $300,000!  But grants have been given anywhere from $1,200.00 to $50,000,000.00!

-on the average 900 grant awards have been given annually!

So do not give up on searching for grant funding even if you want to operate it as a for-profit.  No matter what anybody else has told you there are grants available - even for for-profits!

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