Sunday, July 24, 2005

My "Other" Blog

I also have a more personal blog at

Rose's (AOL) Journal

Originally I started it as a journal talking about how much of a computer nut I was (and still am). But it has takend a different direction because others were having problems with their journals so I decided to make it a "meeting" place of sorts. Each week I come up with a question of the week so that everyone can post their comments and then add a link to their own journal. Every so often I'll skip a week just to let everyone catch up with the questions.

This is another very good way to network and communicate with others and I think that having a blog whether it be for personal, professional or both is a good ideal.

So if you feel like answering the question(s) and are curious to see the comments by others be sure to visit my journal. It will be interesting to see posts by those both AOL and non-AOL members.

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