Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Grants - Sometimes you just have to fight!

Fishermen in Massachusetts are trying to recover from a red tide outbreak. While its true that the government has loan programs to help them recover, they (the fishermen) want GRANTS not loans which will have to be paid back. You can read more about this by going to the link below:

In a nutshell since the red tide outbreak has stopped the fishermen from making a living they argue that the loan programs offered by the government will force them to take on more debt. Apparently there are two major grant funding sources that could be used to give the fishermen their grants but it is being fought over. One grant funding resource apparently has no money in its account and the 2nd does have money in its account but an aide to the State's Congressman says that there is so much paperwork involved and that the grant money will take longer - so he argues that using the loan program will drastically decrease the amount of paperwork that has to be done and the money (from the loan) will be received faster.However the main argument of the fishermen is that it is still a loan and not a grant and they don't want to take on more debt!

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