Wednesday, July 13, 2005

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Well the purpose of these message boards is for people to find out more information about funding opportunities.  Many people want to know about grants for starting their own businesses and I have found that there are two groups of opinions on the subject - one is the group that says that there are absolutely no grants to start a business of any kind what so ever.  What that tells me is that they either haven't found the information or they simply just don't know what they are talking about.  Then there is the second group that says that there are grants out there to help start a business.  Of course I'm with the second group but mainly I know that the information is out there because I have found it and that is the information that my clients want.  Whether it be from sheer frustation, curiosity or just the desire to be able to start their own businesses they have found that the information is out there.

There was a recent study done that said over 50% of the public said that the government isn't doing a good enough job telling the public about government grants while I know that that this information is accessible to the public - it has to be because since it is government information it is public information.

But there are categories of grants that aren't a part of the government but are provided by foundations and organizations and even big business and corporations.  How many people who are categorized as minorities would be interested in a grant program that awards 5 grants of $20,000 per year to those that have the best business plan?  What about the founder of Ebay who has made so much money that he has his own grant program for non-profits and FOR-PROFITS because he started with a dream (and dare I say the desire) and he wanted others to achieve their own dreams.  There are grant awards for the best business plans and their is even a $100,000 grant program awarded by a major company to those that have a vision/dream of improving society.  How many people would apply for that grant - which by the way in the words of one of the directors has said that "while non-profit and humanitarian endeavors are considered we realize that doing such work can also fall into the realm of for-profit businesses as well so the awards are NOT limited to just non-profit organizations".  There are many entities out there that have grant programs for for-profit businesses and for those that want to start their own businesses - even the government's website(s) have grant programs that are open to all - which means individuals, home businesses and for-profit businesses.

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