Saturday, July 23, 2005

Needing help finding and applying for grant(s)...........

I need help finding and applying for a grant. Can someone help me?

Thank you for your email.

It all depends on what type of grant(s) you are looking for.  You haven't said what the grant is for or included any information as to what type of grant that you are seeking.

Usually when someone or some organization is looking to apply for grants they first determine what it is that they will need the grant for and then they can start looking for grant programs/funding resources that provide grants in the areas that they are seeking.  Over 90% of my fact finding has been done online.

For example, my latest client wants to know about grant funding resources to open her for-profit daycare center out of her home.  Since she has specified that she wants to operate it as a for-profit then that helps to make the searching more easier.  Since she has hired me to find grant funding resources that she can apply to I will make a list of who, what, when, where and how and it will take thirty days to complete.  Once I have finished finding the grant programs that she can apply to I send her the complete information about the grant programs that she can apply to complete with the information of what she will need to apply.  Once she has that information she can then decide whether or not she wants to apply herself by submitting the information herself or she can hire a grantwriter to do it for her.  But that decision is totally hers to decide.  Often times applying to these programs can be done by the person/organization seeking the grant, however if the application process is too complicated or they just don't want to do it themselves then they have the option of hiring a grantwriter.

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