Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How can one turn a computer program into a money making idea?

Of course it all depends on the program but you have so many different possibilities. 

A woman used her astrology program to provide readings for a fee.  No big deal you may say but the difference was that she gave readings for people's pets!

Another route you might want to try is to just pick the program that you use the most and turn that into a career.  Let's say you use Microsoft Word the most well do you have any idea of all the things you could do with that program?  I was playing around with it one day and had the most fun just creating graphics with their built in drawing program.  You could design flyers, cards and other publications for others.

How about what computer game do you love that you love playing on the computer?  I was thinking about my own example which is I'm currently into playing Descent and I just past the "training" level and am having the hardest time advancing thru the first real levels!  But I was thinking about putting up my scores so that others could see it and then add their scores.  And if you're thinking Descent is an old game you're right but guess what?  A lot of people still play it.  Don't you think a lot of people would like to see others scores and even add their own.  That will lead to people adding their comments and then people suggesting other games and then BAM there you have it - potential advertisers who will want to advertise with you.

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