Friday, July 22, 2005

Your first customer......

My very first customer was a neighbor of mine.  He had heard from another neighbor that I was a bit of a computer nut but I guess he figured that since I was a girl I didn't know anything (he told me so later that that was what he had indeed said!)  Anyway I was at his house and he showed me his family's webpage about football and then I showed him my webpage.  At the time it had music that played and it was in a frame format so that anything you clicked on the left would show up on the right side.  He was so impressed with my webpage that he wanted to know who had done it for me and when I told him that I had did it myself he was stunned!  He became my very first paying customer!

With that being said one's very first customer could be someone that you already know.  A friend, family member or even a neighbor! 

The very first thing I always advise people to do is to have a business plan - with that being said I would first look to my own immediate area.  What places would provide a good opportunity to at least introduce your product?  Are there any social gatherings, parties, meetings?  What groups do you, yourself belong to where you can bring some samples along?

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