Saturday, April 22, 2006

Young People Seeking Jobs

I have seen posts from a lot of younger teenagers who are looking for jobs.  Unfortunately their young age will make it difficult for them to get a conventional job so the thing that they can do is make their own job!  It's not as impossible as it sounds either.  You could start a dog-walking service, do errands, have a paper route or do yard work.  As a matter of fact you could combine some of these and earn even more money and have more clients.

How hard would it be for you to design a cute little flyer and pass it around?  I once helped someone who had an upholstery business.  We put flyers on parked cars at the local mall and in a few days he started to get calls and some of those calls turned into customers.  You might even start to get more customers than you can handle and then you could get others to work for you - then you'll be a manager!

As a side note this isn't a bad idea for adults either.  You could do the exact same thing that I mentioned above!

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