Thursday, April 20, 2006

Still think there's "no hope"?

If you still feel that there's still "no hope"
then tell that to:

the single mother who was one of my clients who got a $20,000 grant to start her own business, has an application that is still pending to help pay back her student loan

my very first "grant" client that is a writer who got a $20,000 grant

the woman that got a $150,000.00 grant to start a daycare center

the disabled man that got a grant to start his own business.  He got a $10,000 grant - last year his business made over $500,000 in sales!

the woman that got a grant to buy more play equipment for her daycare which was in her home and FOR-PROFIT

our government's website that lists who got what federal money for the past 5 years (last year over 5 BILLION DOLLARS was given out in (just) federal monies alone!

the woman who got a $700 grant to start her quilting business.  Now that may not seem like a lot of money to you but she MADE it work for her because it was enough for her to buy material and equipment to get buyers for her quilts.  As she made more money she was able to get a more conventional loan.

Planned Parenthood who receives 250 million dollars per year in government grants!

Sheri Winchell of Maryland who lost her job in telemarketing and received government money to start a  monogram store in a shopping mall.

Composer/singer/songwriter/lyricist, Bobby Robinson received a grant to help write music for film.

the daycare providers in Cambria county who were recipients of a $3 Million Dollar grant funding.  They were considered "subcontractors" who provided daycare services and some of them were friends and relatives and neighbors who simply agree to provide daycare services...

these people/recipients didn't give up hope

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