Sunday, April 09, 2006


Hi Rose,

I love your blog site. You provide valuable information. I am interested in starting my own Network marketing business. I have been looking at acquiring a grant to do so.  I currently work and I am a Network marketer, that has a web site, with products and services in the telecommunications area. I no that there are alot of business out there for this type of services and products.  Schools, government agencies local and federal are in need for this. The question is are there any grant monies for my type of business that I want to start?

Any information that you could provide would be greatly appreciated.



Thank you for your email.

My most latest client is a single mother who is looking for grant programs.  I was able to find her 3 grant programs that she is eligible to apply for and an additional funding source for her to continue her education.

Your post reminds me of the article I read about the woman who had heard all the talk about grants and decided to find out for herself if she could get one.  She did her own investigating and did find a grant program that she was eligible for.  She applied and she got the grant.  What was the type of business she was in?  Marketing!

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