Thursday, April 20, 2006

Job Openings!!!

I belong to a number of boards where people both post about having jobs available and needing jobs.  I sometimes wonder why the two don't get together?

For instance I listed some jobs that were available in the field of lighting design (or related to that kind of job).  Since the person wanted to work in the Chicago area that is where I limited my searching to.  Just as a preliminary search I was able to find five current job openings for that particular field! 

Still in another instant the subject of caregiving is the main topic of discussion and there were those that were looking for a caregiver position and those that were seeking caregivers.  Again I wonder why the two don't get together - especially when both sides say that they can't find someone to provide caregiving and those who want to provide it can't find any positions.  Their both in the same forum but no one says they were able to find what they are looking for - which to me seems strange because they are both in the same forum.  Even if you are not familiar with any of these kinds of forums you can - so to speak - start a forum of your own.  Regardless of whether or not you are either seeking or providing caregiving you can let people know by having a website.  If your Internet Service Provider doesn't provide you with webpage hosting you can take advantage of the free webhosting sites.  There is more than one of them.  The disadvantage to having a webpage via one of the free hosting sites is that they will put advertising on your pages.  However this still gives you enough room to put your own content on it.  Lots of people have websites via the free webhosting sites and what may surprise you is that they are making a living - even using a free webhosting site!

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