Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Are there grants for for-profits? (Again I Say) Yes!

Yes there are, in fact, grants available to for-profit daycares - both in the home and out of the home.  I just think that the woman that you went to is just not familiar with them. That is why this kind of work is so rewarding because of knowing that there are funding programs such as these.  If there are no grant programs for for-profit daycare then someone forgot to tell the organizations that provide the funding! 

In a past post I have listed some daycare grant recipients both of whom were non-profit and FOR-profit - a few were a combination of both!  As a matter of fact you would be shocked at the types of grant programs that there are.  I suspect that since people find it hard to find these programs they comfort themselves with saying that there aren't any of these types of programs out there.  And sometimes the grant recipients themselves don't divulge the programs because there will be less competition and they will more likely be awarded another grant.  This is what a lot of grant awardees do - they apply for the same grant over and over again and they get it - so why would they want to tell anybody else about it?  Some of the funding programs receive little or no applicants that the funds just go back into the "pot".  And even more shocking still is that some funding programs are discontinued simply for the reason that there were too little or no applicants!

When you are finding grant programs for the first time it is going to seem like a science.  First you have to find the funding programs and then you have to make sure that you are eligible to apply.

Unfortunately I have dealt with many social agencies who were shocked (and surprised) that I knew of the many different funding programs.  After you find the funding programs you should go right back to this woman and show her just how wrong she is.

The bottom line is that there are programs out there for for-profits - it is sort of comparable to finding a needle in a haystack.  They may be hard to find but they are there just the same and if you can't find them then that still doesn't mean that they don't exist - it just means that you haven't found it yet.

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