Monday, April 10, 2006

Grants and Daycare?

I  am wanting to open a daycare here in ga. I have been a homedaycare provdier before, so now I want to become a larger building and have alot more children. I would love to create jobs for the people here in brunswick. How do I write a grant? where do I go? Just point me in the direction I would love it!!<<

Even though your enthusiam is good you need to know some basics about the whole grant process.  I can find at least one grant program for 95% of my clients and that goes up to 99% if I really dig for the information.  However the only reason that I can do this is because I have been doing it for a while now.  You have to understand that there is no one place to apply for a grant/funding program. Basically speaking you dont "write" a grant until you know what kind of application materials that you have to submit and you won't know that until you know which funding program you are going to apply to and you won't know that until you find the funding program.  How do you find the funding program(s)?  You look!  It's just like going to the library and doing research - you find the information.

Getting a grant(s) for day/childcare has been a very often asked question.  When you start finding the funding programs that you are eligible to apply for you will see the different criteria that these funding programs will want as far as you applying for them and usually no two are alike so it will depend on the specific funding program.

You should also look "outside" the box meaning that you shouldn't just apply for daycare-related funding programs but funding programs that you can additionally qualify for such as those that are business related, those funding programs that are available for women and if you are a minority you should also look for those kinds of grant programs as well.

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