Monday, May 02, 2005

How about a grant that pays a monthly stipend AND health benefits!

You just cannot tell me that there are no grants out there! Doing research for others who want to find places where they can apply for grants is just making my head spin! You just can't believe how many grants there are out there!

Here is one of the latest that I have found. If you are a student did you know that you could receive a grant to study in France for at least 6 months AND you would get a monthly stipend AND health benefits! You can't tell me that there isn't a student out there that wouldn't mind going to France to study for 6 months AND get paid for it AND get health benefits! What if you could apply for the grant again at another time? What about other areas? Do they offer similar grant programs? You will never know this information if you don't look for it and if you think that they are not out there then you are sadly mistaken!

Who wouldn't want to travel to France AND get paid for it? (By the way did I mention that the trip to France itself is paid for by the grant?)

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