Friday, May 20, 2005

Receiving A Grant to Start A (For-profit) Daycare!

There have been a lot of questions posted asking about grants for opening a daycare center.  If you operate as a non-profit the number of grant opportunities increase for you but that doesn't mean that there are NO grant opportunities if you want to operate your daycare as a for-profit business.

For-profit daycare centers have received grants for their daycare center(s)by showing (and proving) that their daycare will help the overall community where the daycare center is situated.  That can mean anything from providing daycare services to the low-incomed to increasing your range of services to include the elderly and/or disabled and/or the community at large.

The funding can range from federal (they offer the most in grant money) to your state to the community that your daycare facility will be in.  As much research that I have done for others I have found that there is a better than average chance of almost any community where this kind of "daycare" grant would be available.  However you will have to do some work.  If you have any experience with filling out paperwork you will know that a lot will depend on the paperwork that you submit.  More than half of all grant applications are denied because the paperwork was NOT filled out correctly!  This is a proven and documented statement.  You should also be aware that since the Internet has become so popular there are many grantors (especially the government) that will let you apply online.  Some will even accept email.

You will have to do your research though.  One wrong move will mess up the whole process!  Another thing that you should be aware of is that the whole process of finding grant information (much less the whole applying process) is not easy.  Countless people have posted about how they have been given the "run-a-round", how they couldn't find any information and there are even those that say they don't exist at all!  You should take the above and turn it into your advantage and realize that the less competition there is in applying for a/the grantthe more chance that your application will be awarded the grant!

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