Thursday, May 19, 2005

Do you have to be a non-profit organization to get a grant?

Of course the answer is no!  The government has grants that are available for for-profit organizations and grants that are open to all (which includes for-profits and individuals).  Outside the realm of the government there are grants that are provided by organizations and foundations and even big business.  The Rolex Company has a program that awards $100K in grant monies (and they even say on their website that it comes in the form of a check!) for those that have a "vision" to help provide in the fields of science, technology and even culture.

There are scholarships for students to complete/continue their education and the subjects range anywhere from math and science to the arts!  There is even one that is provided by the late Princess Grace's Foundation.  I even found a scholarship grant that is available for students to study in France.  They pay for you to get there.  They pay you a stipend.  And they even pay your health insurance!  Why is this funding available?  To help promote that the schools in France are just as good as schools anywhere.

I think that the most unusual grant that I found was one that was given to a witch (yes an actual witch).  In the words of the organization that provided the grant "she submitted the best proposal of them all". 

So if you don't think that there is the possibility of a grant being available for you just remember the above example!

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