Monday, May 23, 2005

Grants for Astrology?

In India - Did you know that there was a major push to include the study of Vedic Astrology as a grant possibility?

Since University Grants Commission has decided to make astrology a subject for study there is lot of protest from skeptics, communists and many other political parties of Bharat.  These people think that such ideas are not worthy of serious consideration.  To them, astrology as an academic subject fell off the edge of the flat earth centuries ago.  The communist viewpoint is........................

One Research Group for the Critical Study of Astrology is in a position to fund small university research projects in the areas outlined above, through some buy-out of teaching duties, and the payment of incidental expenses involved in the research. Funds may also be available to PhD and MSc students in UK Universities whose research contains an astrological component.
In London-to encourage the study of astrology in the fullest sense with particular awareness of links to other related disciplines including astronomy, philosophy and the arts. This organization sponsors projects and makes grants to individuals and groups as funds permit. It assists research through a special memorial fund.........

- a $200 grant was awarded to study the astrological aspects of serial killers and murders!

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