Saturday, May 07, 2005

Is $600 too little to start a business?

In Texas a woman received $600 to help start up her business. For every $1 that she put in the government put in $2. She's started her business in a one bedroom studio and her business offers relaxation for stress. There is talk about eliminating the program that provided her with this grant. It is currently being hotly debated and there is always the possibility that the program will be eliminated but it was originally started to help bring business into the state of Texas. This is a government grant although not provided directly from the government - but provided indirectly via non-profit agencies. Congress created this program in 1998 aspart of its ongoing desire to help individuals and families be more independent and self-sustaining.. It distributes $25 million a year through non-profits to be matched by private sector dollars and dollars from the account recipients themselves. If you think that you may qualify for a similar grant such as this you should check your state's resources. This grant allowed the woman to start up her business by providing her with the funds she needed to buy equipment and miscellaneous items and she also noted that without this grant she would have never been able to start her business without it.

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