Saturday, April 30, 2005

Ontario - Grant Program to open a nursing home?

Still think that there are no grants?  Here's one in Canada

Grant Funding Available and Budget -Up to $100,000 in Foundation funding may be requested for the proposed innovation in nursing practice, payable up to 2 years (maximum of $50,000 per year). Grants may be requested for either a new project, or to bridge an existing pilot project that has demonstrated the potential to improve nursing practice, to sustain the outcomes or to broaden implementation of the innovation in nursing practice.At this stage, the Letter of Intent, you are asked to provide the total amount requested only. In the second stage, for those short listed and invited to submit a full proposal, a detailed budget will be required. While matching funds are not required, commitments from your organization and partners will support the feasibility of the project and longer term sustainability.

6. Eligibility The Proposed Project must: 
Be a innovation in nursing practice that develops implements and evaluates either
A new innovative intervention, process, or application, or Bridges a pilot program to sustainability of broader application  Address a topic within the one of the designated strategies: NOTE: Research projects, needs assessment, or evaluation of existing programs are not eligible.The Applicant must (REVISED December 17, 2005)

NOTE: Grants will be awarded for the project proposed-applicants do not have to be "a registered charity". Non Profit, private, for profit organizations are eligible to apply.

The contract for the Nursing Grants competition is being developed, and will be posted by mid January. The requirement that LOI applicants review and agree to the "letter of agreement" has been deleted from the LOI form.
Develop the application in consultation with front line nursing staff and nursing leaders in the organization
Have the capacity to achieve the proposed results.

Be located in, and carry out the project in Ontario

The last part above is very important in that the area/location of the area eligible for the grant is limited.  Now the deadline has already passed for this year.  What about next year though?

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