Sunday, November 06, 2005

Writing a Grant For A Group Home?

Hi my name is T~ and i live in Raleigh NC and i wanted to know how to write a grant to start my own Group home for  Disable Children and Adults in my City.

Number one you can't write "a" grant to start your own group home.  What you have to do is fill out the grant application for the grant program that you are applying too.  No two programs are alike so that means that their application process will not be the same.  Some grant funding programs only require that you start the process with a simple "letter of intent" and other require more detailed information.

There are no secrets as to "how to get started".  You find the programs that you are eligible to apply for and then you apply according to their guidelines.  There are grant programs that are strictly daycare/group home related and there are also entrepreneurial grant programs where the main requirement is you starting a business (and proving to them that you are serious about starting that business such as the one that has a grant program for entrepeneurs with grant awards up to $5,000.00.  There are grant programs that award grants for businesses that help to improve the lives of anothers.  So you see there is more than one category of grants that you can qualify for and there are more than a few in each category.

So you can not write "a" grant you have to find the program first and then apply according to their terms.  Once you start finding this information yourself you will see that a lot of time and effort will be needed on your part.

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