Friday, November 04, 2005

Spam Email?

Like everybody else I get junk and spam email but what I noticed about one particular email was for an adult website where photos and email could be exchanged with others.

It doesn't matter how you feel about them there are and will continue to be adult websites and the reason for that is because of one thing - demand!  If there wasn't such a high demand for this type of thing then there wouldn't be as many of them online.

Here is a business (or individual) that has managed to create a site where people exchange photos and email.  Where do you think that the money is made?  Let's say they started off with a hundred people (at first) - how much income was made?  And where do you think that this type of business can be operated from?  That's right - from one's own home!

Now I realize that everybody does not have a taste for this type of thing but for those of you that do here is a perfect example of a business that can be started and run by computer in one's own home.

I mean this is the type of business that people are looking for - something that they can do at home at the computer - and make a living at it!

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