Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Scam!

Here is a recent email I got:

Okay, I see where this is going.  I will never be on your client list, because I am not stupid enough to give you my money.  I have the money, but it won't get spent on your "NO REAL SOURCE INFORMATION".  This is nothing but a scam.  If I was trying to persue someone to perchase information from me, I would at least tell them what they need to know before purchasing from me.  I can tell by the question you keep asking, that this is not a ligitimate source.  All you talking about is money.

and here was my reply to them:

Again, thank you for your email.  And you are definitely right - you won't be a customer/client of mine.  If you feel that my service and my business is a scam then you are absolutely right that you should look elsewhere.

There are some things that you have to be made aware of when looking for grant funding programs.  Number one is that the programs are out there regardless of whether or not you use me.  This information is not exclusive to me and a good portion of the information about grant funding is that it has to be "open and accessible to the public" - which means that the information must (by law) be made public to the public.

The meaning of "scam" is a fraudelent act.  Thank goodness there are other people out there besides me that know about these funding programs.  In order to be scammed one has had to have been taken advantage of monetarily and since no money has exchanged hands then there is no fraud involved.  I can understand not spending money if you are unsure of something and the only solution to that is to NOT spend the money.

It would not be fair to any client (past, present and future) for me to give you information that they themselves pay (or have paid) for and its not going to happen.

But there is something that you should understand and that is that the information (and the funding programs) are out there.  The general frustration seems to be in finding them - but just because you can't find the information doesn't mean that it isn't out there.

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