Friday, November 18, 2005

Searching for Daycare related grants?

I see that a lot of people are doing this.  Often times they will get frustrated and just stop looking.  The one thing that you have to remember is that grants have been awarded to daycare facilities - I list some of them on my grants page at:

These recipients are not ones that I made up in my mind and posted to my webpage.  They are actual daycare facilities.  There are also the ones that I haven't mentioned on my page including the one about the daycare center that received grant funding because they offered 24 hour a day daycare.

There is also another category of grant funding that you should be looking into and that is the entrepreneurial-type grant funding.  These types of funding programs depend on you submitting a professional business plan - one is even offered by a software company itself.

The eligibility requirements of some of these funding programs vary from submitting a simple letter of intent to providing a detailed business plan and/or summary.  You have to remember that the program that awards these fundings will want to know how much you are seeking (unless they already have a set amount of funding money) and most importantly WHAT you will be using the money for.

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