Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Grant Funding Programs for For-Profit DayCare!

Don't let anyone tell you that there is no grant funding programs for for-profit daycares!

I'm glad that my latest client is happy with the 4 grant funding programs that I was able to find for her to apply to.  There was an additional grant program that was included because she is also going to incorporate gardening into her daycare.  There is also additional programs for her if she decides to turn her daycare into one that operates during non-business hours.

This woman wants to start a daycare business out of her home in South Carolina and she says that this is something that she always dreamed of doing but finding the funding for it (in her words) was impossible.  Well now she knows that it is possible!

So don't let ANYONE tell you that there is no funding for a for-profit daycare business.

It was a lot of work finding the funding programs that she is eligible to apply for but it wasn't impossible.  So if you have always dreamed of opening a daycare business look into finding the programs that have funding that you will be eligible to apply for.  They are out there!  So many people have done searches looking for information about this and it feels good to dispel another myth about grant programs and for-profit daycare!


Rose said...

I think that you should take a look at this blog because it mentions the program that you are talking about.

Suffice it to say that there are quite a few sites out there that will provide you with downloads of programs that one would normally have to pay for and if you really want this program without having to pay for it then there are quite a few sites out there that will help accommodate you.

anita abbott said...

WOuld like to know where to send the 5.00 to.I am interested in a grant for a breast cancer gift shop,etc.

Rose said...

You really should take a look at my grants blog and my Grant Basics 101 site to read about more grant programs. As far as hiring me is concerned take a look at my contact information page for more information.