Saturday, November 05, 2005

Getting Your Student Loan Payments cancelled or deferred or reduced?

Yes there are instances where you can get your student loan either cancelled or deferred or even reduced.  Some programs allow for you to do volunteer services and in exchange your student loan can either be paid back or reduced.  In some cases your student loan payments can be deferred.  There is a program especially for teachers who either teach a specific subject or teach in a low-income area that allows for their student loan to be either paid off or - in some cases - cancelled.  Definitely a lot will depend on the specifics of the type of student loan that you have and the terms of your student loan have to be gone over thoroughly - but yes there are programs that deal with paying back your student loans. 

So this is something that you should definitely be looking into to see if you can get help with paying back your student loan.

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