Thursday, April 05, 2007


First I should preface this by saying that I have my own tarot page. Juct click here to visit my Tarot Page.

Now the question is "Can You Take Your Tarot Talents and turn them into a business of your own that you can work from home?" and the answer (of course) is Yes!

The most obvious way is to offer tarot readings over the Internet. What you would need is a website to show off your tarot talents. You should also includ on your website what your rates will be. Are there people who are doing this now? Of course they are. Are they making money at it? The answer (again) is of course they are.

Don't get me wrong because it will involve work. Once you have your website up you will have to let people know that your website is up and you're open and ready for business. You might even want to give away a few free readings just to get started and get your feet wet.

Now I know that there are a lot of tarot readings websites and you might be wondering how yours could make a difference. The answer comes from comparing this to the soda aisle at the supermarket. Of course you have your name brand sodas but you will also see sodas from brand names that are smaller and/or you have never heard of them but there they are just the same. Either they got there by popular demand or the brand makers got them on the shelves themself.

You should also consider that you can generate income from related things to your tarot reading. You could offer a tarot reading course, you can start a tarot reading newsletter or you might even be asked to write a tarot-related article. Since one of the things that I do is grant research I can tell you that I know of a case where a woman got a grant to do the astrology charts of serial killers! So you just don't know where a potential source of income could come from!

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